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0: 05 I’m Neil Patel here for one other Q and A Thursday video, I’m here with Adam from This week’s quiz is:

This is a extraordinarily straightforward one: “How style you promote ClickBank products on AdWords?”

1: 30 ClickBank is an affiliate network. They comprise products admire eBooks that they promote on ClickBank or firms offer, and then affiliates promote these offers and receives a rate every time they drive a sale. Right here’s the factor though. Or now not it’s after all noteworthy to switch use Google AdWords and drive them to a ClickBank net page and generate a sale, it does now not work successfully. It does now not topic what present you with’ve got got, there are real offers on ClickBank and shady ones.

2: 00 There would possibly per chance be correct lots of hocus-pocus on ClickBank and these kinds of affiliate networks. There are real ones admire, in case you whisk to conferences admire Affiliate World you’re going to gain admire real offers. But then again, in case you’d admire to promote these offers whether or now not they’re excellent or they’re execrable, there would possibly per chance be one tactic that it be main to style. Or now not it’s called a day out wire.

2: 30 A day out wire, it be admire one thing after all low rate and inexpensive, admire you realize how Mcdonalds has these deals on clear days admire, are available in in here, we are going to present you with a Tall Mac for 99 cents, I have not been to Mcdonalds in ages but, they ought to be operating offers, or lots of Mexican like a flash food locations style Taco Tuesdays, and they’re so inexpensive by methodology of tacos, but you style this, what you’re going to gain is folk eradicate. After which in case that it’s doubtless you’ll per chance per chance also very successfully be at Mcdonalds and they present you with with the Tall Mac they continuously ask you.

Would you admire fries with that?

3: 30 You secure somebody to eradicate your product and then correct then and there you push them to ClickBank, on ClickBank they’ve their have touchdown pages so that you just gotta push them to ClickBank and you prefer to secure them to eradicate correct then and there.

4: 00 Right here’s the factor, in case you have gotten one product, and you promote them on one thing and they eradicate, it be more straightforward to utilize that purchaser list and secure them to eradicate more products. So in case that it’s doubtless you’ll per chance per chance also very successfully be on ClickBank and you gain a health and health product that you just admire, and you own your have tripwire in health and health, you put it on the market, then you promote one other ClickBank product and then you protect promoting more and more ClickBank products to that very same real user, that is how you style the most quantity of money from the paid visitors.

5: 30 Even the folk that build now not eradicate, that it’s doubtless you’ll per chance per chance also eradicate emails upon exit utilizing an exit popup and then pitch them on lots of products, you realize, over time. And that’s the explanation how you maximize your earnings from that paid visitors. That is it, thanks for watching this week’s video, in case you’ve got got a quiz or a comment and you wish it asked on subsequent week’s video or more so answered, recede a comment below, we are capable of also goal eradicate it, both methodology I will acknowledge to your comment and in case you loved this video admire it, portion it, let folk know about it, thanks again for watching, we after all address it.

Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Click Here To Get My Free Training

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