Art Journaling FUNdamentals Workshop

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Art Journaling FUNdamentals is all about getting started and artwork journaling with self belief.  Why discontinuance those two wobble collectively?  Because they reach from the identical place of abode -a conventional figuring out of the wanted principles of artwork journaling.  Whereas you know those, getting started is inconspicuous and you do with self belief. Fetch out more at

For individuals who are ticket fresh to artwork journaling or would prefer more self belief creating artwork journal pages, this workshop is for you!
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I’m Carolyn Dube, a self taught blended media artwork adventurer who has rediscovered play.  I play with every coloration of the rainbow, steer obvious of principles at any time when that you presumably can imagine, and let the minute kid inside of me free.  Discuss about with the blog the place I’m sharing the scoot at and rep my publication with downloadable Sparks of Art-spiration and more at

Join the enjoyable in my free blended media workshop Permission to Play

You may perchance well uncover my articles in magazines comparable to Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors, place of abode me instructing in particular person and online workshops, designing stencils for StencilGirl Products, and sharing the message of O.O.P.S.

What does O.O.P.S. stand for? It stands for Illustrious Opportunities Presenting .

Those “failures” and “mistakes” that I had so harshly criticized myself about genuinely turned intellectual items as almost at the moment as I started pronouncing O.O.P.S.   Strive pronouncing Oops in an offended tone.  It makes it worthy more silly! I appropriate can’t engage myself seriously when I pronounce Oops which is appropriate what I wished to play.  I started to play, to comprise enjoyable, and to embody all of my “mistakes”.

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