Tony Pantalleresco: risks of nano AI,C60,Soy,Silica and…

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In this video I am honoured to be in contact with Herbalist [ self-described as A Man That Just Knows Some Stuff] and leader in the topic of the negative outcomes of nano abilities on humans- Tony Pantalleresco. Tony has been offering data regarding the particular risks behind such ‘psyops’ as Soy, veganism, Carbon C60, and seemingly essentially the most drawing near destruction of human health including our bodily, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing led to by Nano Expertise which is omnipresent; Nano Expertise is in our meals, water, atmosphere, remedy, dietary vitamins and it is miles in us. Tony is humble, down-to-earth, extraordinarily a licensed, passionate and laborious working. He has the energy of a 20 year extinct and works 18-19 hours a day -day by day! He has copius amounts of recordsdata which he provides out for FREE. So how about we demonstrate Tony some admire and donate any thing it is possible you’ll maybe well even own enough cash to demonstrate our gratitude and to enable to attain whatever he would possibly well even own for his be taught. It is possible you’ll maybe well seemingly also SEND MONEY ORDER OR MONEY GRAM TO:

N8X 2G1

It is possible you’ll maybe well seemingly also acquire Tony’s work including the assault on the human body by nano abilities led to by Chemtrails , as an illustration, at the next hyperlinks:


Tony’s Youtube channel is:
His web space with all his data gathered over time is:

It is possible you’ll maybe well seemingly also moreover acquire your total hyperlinks to your total data regarding nano AI, Carbon C60, soy, veganism, Project Bluebeam, and to this point more and it is all FREE in his Podcasts his does right here:
Assorted Youtube channels tht own his recordsdata. are:
Smu Lov Tru, Aroy Mak, and varied websites are:, and
Tony moreover does healh consultations. His cell phone number is: +1 51nine 97seven 535one. Thankyou on your toughen.

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  1. Just,it's the energy n the intent at the abet of the person.In my 50's,peep pretty tough after doses of dew,red patches n bruises.I don't peep upright on the outer facade,it's the healthful intent to help,with out a personal agenda that counts.Thank God,for Tony!To your effectively being!

  2. Anything else out facet of raw plant meals are acid Anything else 1 egg a day and 3 ounce of fish is the total acid you wish for the day !!! Tony the peddler liar at the side of his synthetic acid meat and cheese eating magnet BS is a sham and a rip-off 100% Apprehension mongering punk selling via his catalog doing extra distress than upright This dude aroy and Donna leaving comments throughout are portion of a team to rip-off folks out of their money preying on harmless gullible naive unsuspecting folks like snakes 100%

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